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Gig Guide 2018

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2018 events

Sat Jan 5th pink cadillac club The Outcasts

Jan 6th 2rs Freedem Bar Wardor street soho London 3--7pm

Sat 13th Jan-------Ace Cafe London Elvis Night staring NO9

Feb 2nd --caddy club The revoluntionaires

Feb 3rd 2 rs wardour street soho london 3--7pm

Feb 10th Ace Café London Gene Vincent night with Graham Fenton pace and the carloinas

March 2nd caddy club stewartby Mk43 9nb The Kingcats

March 3rd 2 rs Freedem Bar wardour street soho london 3--7pm

March 10th MK R N R Club Bletchley wmc Jack Rabbit Slim

March 17th Newton Longville charity gig for cancer reserch the kingcats and porkys hot rockin

March 31st Private Gig

April 4th Ace Cafe London Hot Rod Night

April 6th caddy club stewartby Mk43 9nb The Runawayz

April 7th 2rs wardour street london

April 14th Mk rock n roll club bletchley wmc Crazy Cavan supported bt the draglinks

April 19th --22nd viva las vegas weekender las vegas

May 4th caddy club stewartby Mk43 9nb- The Firebirds

May 5th stevenage phil hayley and the comments

May 12th Mk Rock n Roll Club Bletchley wmc MK22SQ

band T.B.C

May 17th--20th Hemsby Rock n roll weekender

May 25th stewartby social club Elvis night with Gordon Davis

May 28th Margate meltdown with lewis chamberlain see ace café web site

June 1st --The Pink Cadillac Club MK439NB---The Jets

June 2nd The 2 RS Freedem Bar Wardour street Soho London

June 9th Mk Rock 'n' Roll club band TBC

June 13th--17th Rockabilly rave camber sands

June 22nd--24th Belguim T.B.C

July 6th The Pink Caddilac club stewartby MK43 9NB

The Rockola Rockets

July 7th 2RS Freedem Bar Wardour Street Soho 3--7pm

july 14th The Mk Rock 'n' Roll Club Bletchley MK22SQ

The Accidents

July---19th--22nd shakedown rock'n'roll weekender

July 27th --29th The Atomic Festival sywell Northants

August-----3rd--- Pink Cadillac Club MK439NB

The Heartbeats

August 11th---MK Rock 'n' Roll Club Bletchley MK22SQ

The Kingcats

September 7th--- The Pink Cadillac Club MK439NB

Lewis Chamberlain and his band

September 7th,11th 9th ---Ace Cafe Reunion see special events

September 15th--- MK Rock 'n' Roll Club MK22SQ

Band TBC

September 21st The Pink Cadillac Club Stewartby

Si Cranston and his band

September 22nd Private

Seotember 23rd Private

September 24th Private

September 26th,27th,28th,29th,30th Cyprus

October 5th Pink Cadillac club stewartby

The Heartbeats dj jimmy guntrip

October 5th--7th. Hemsby rock n roll weekender

October 13th----MK Rock 'n' Roll Club--- MK22SQ

Band TBC

November 2nd----The Pink Cadillac Club MK439NB

The Meecats

November 3rd The rockers revival harrow lesure centre

with Crazy Cavan, Graham fenton The lou ciffer and

Johnny Fox

November 10th Mk Rock N rol Club Bletchley WMC

Band TBC

December 1st 2rs Freedem Bar wardour street soho

london 3--7pm

December 7th ---The Pink Cadillac Club---Mk439nb

This little girl and the dilly cats

December 8th---Mk Rock 'n' Roll Club Bletchley wmc MK22SQ Band TBC

December 24th Christmas Eve --Christmas Party with --The Kingcats The Pink Cadillac Club MK439NB

New Years Eve -------TBC

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