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On This Page You Will Find A Bio Of MY Self .

welcome thankyou for visiting my site here is a little info on myself ,  i have been in the rockin scene since i was at school, the usual applies to rockin people my age growing up listening to modern bands in the late 70s, although the 80s such as the ,The Polcats,The Jets, The Stray Cats , , and many others that were on the scene at the time of whom in my later years i have had the pleasure of booking some of these, and becoming i hope friends of these guys.  My influence came from like most, my parents and Grandparents. plus the bands that where around when i was a teenager, From an early age i would hear Rock N Roll tunes being played partically Elvis.  My mother is a big Elvis fan and Tommy Steele fan,  my father was more of a country fan  I would have to say the person that gave me most of my insperation for music and who i owe a great deal to is my late grandfather who i lived with in my teenage years  after my father died.

 This man was constantly playing  Country music morning, noon, and night, artists like Johnny Cash, Hank Williams,  Jim Reeves, Charlie Rich, and as you can imagine my passion grew and grew for great music.

I had many friends  that took me to the rockin gigs at an early age in the 80,s to many to mention so if i miss you out i apologize, there was a lot of local gigs at the time and my friends took me to these mainly Mick Wilson who has become a life long friend & was at a later date my best man.  I think my first real experience of rockabilly outside of my area  was the Head Stone at Harrow where friends Gill and her partner took me at just 14/15 years off age,  I was let in as a favour, 'what a gig' another friend who took me places like the Kempston Rovers at Bedford was Rick Burgess (rockin rick).He used to take me every where as he was a dj this happened from the age of 13 to 16 he would pick me up from my grandparents when i was staying there as he lived round the corner i even used to practice dj,ing then on Ricks Danset Decks.  Through the years i went to many gigs never out of the scene, places like the Horn of Plenty St Albans, Silks London, various weekenders and many others.

I am now married and have been since 1989 and have a great wife & 3 great children.

Jumping a few years i started promoting gigs in about 1989 at local clubs for various pubs,clubs ect then i starting hiring venues out myself and promoted these from about 1994 i have had various clubs,Western Union  (two venues) The Rec,  Rushden Diamonds, The Cock Tavern,(London) Ashton ,gigs in & around the London to Mk area I really started djing by accident i was promoting a gig and cat talk Lee Russell was my resident dj which he done a great job of but after a while the club was struggling and my wife Sharon said to me we cant afford to keep paying a dj, you have the records so why not have a go, so when we moved our club i brought myself some record decks and that how i became a dj.Over the years i progressed to cd however i do prefer vinyl but cds are easier  less weight to carry ,plus i dont really wont to risk getting the vinyl  damaged.  I have played many clubs  aside from my own venues ,for example  Resident  dj at Thunderbird,     100 Club London,    Resident at the Ace Cafe London, Brighton Beach allday events Hemsby rock,n,roll weekenders,various festivals, The Rhythm Riot Hillbilly Hop London, The Cock Tavern London, Dingwalls London ,get rythm festival italy,various corparate gigs i have worked for univasal music along side lookalikes,comedians ect as i do have a resemblence to ricky gervais so iam told and hey if they want to pay me for playing rock,n,roll and for acting the fool trying to dance like david brent who am i to  complain.

 I have had the pleasure of dj'ing along side friends and great djs The Flat Top Brothers, Pete Bruce, Little Diane,  Trevor Collins, Paul Ansell, Kelvins red hot rhythm, Little Carl, Mouse, Memphis Paul, Big Beat Kriss, Tojo, Skinny Jim, to name but a few.  I am currently one of the Ace cafe resident djs which is a dream to me and i love it, this place has got to be one of the top venues in the country.  I am currently running gigs at the ace cafe under the promotions name of rubberneckin.  I am currently the promoter/agent and great friend to the sensational Nick Willett from the U.S.A.
I have also had the chance to compare ,and stage manage gigs many thanks to the ace cafe for this as since i first compared for the ace i have had many opportunities

My favorite bands on the circuit today are    Nick Willett, No9,Go Getters,Blue Flames, Gene Gambler & the Shufflers,The Infernos,Darrell Higham, The Railmen,Hank 111, Slim Slip & the Sliders,jack baymoore,hot boogie chillun,John Lewis,drugstore cowboys,smokestack lightning,Jack Rabbit Slim,and many more

My main musical influences are Elvis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Charlie Rich, Sonny Burgess, Eddie cochran, Billy fury, Jerry lee lewis,Roy Orbison,Johnny Burnette ,Little Richard, Buddy Holly,gene vincent,Bobby Darin,Mac Curtis ,Glen Glen,Joe Clay,Charlie Feathers,johnny Carroll,Hal Harris,Sleepy La Beef(i even like Sinatra & Dean Martin).there is loads more that i like and enjoy playing and listening to from Rockabilly to blues,  to many to mention.

I believe that as a dj my job is to entertain the audience and play a variety of rock,n,roll/rockabilly to cater for all so if i havnt bored you to much and and you would like to book me for an event whether it is to dj,compare ,stage managment  please feel free to contact me, many thanks to you for taking the time to visit the site & many thanks to my friends & family that have supported me thanks to Alan Mills(lead singer of Coast to Coast  * remember them*)for all his advice over the years.  Many thanks to the Ace Cafe Mark,Linda,Kitty,Claire.  Many thanks to everyone who reads this for keeping the music and scene alive.I hope you enjoy the site  take care bill

 Ace cafe entertainments manager

Shake down rock'n'roll weekenders entertainment manager

Co stage manager hembys rock 'n'roll weekenders

Co Promoter of The Rockabilly Retribution

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